Department of Urban and Regional Planning, National Technical University of Athens

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the NTUA, via the activities of its members, has a strong presence in teaching and research about urban and regional problems and has historically set the terms of debate on those issues in Greece, throughout the post war period. Academic staff in the department has substantial experience in the coordination of national and European research projects and networks. The scope of research is mainly European, encompassing Greece and Europe, and in particular Southern Europe. It covers a wide range of research areas in its broad field, roughly organized around seven themes: regional development in a European perspective, urban planning and governance, urban diversity and social exclusion/inclusion, urban history, gender theory and approaches to urban studies, tourism and local development, GIS. The Department offers courses in the areas of its expertise in several Faculties of the NTUA (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Chemical Engineering). Since 1998 it runs a 3-semester post-graduate course in Urban and Regional Planning, which takes 25-30 students annually. In addition, academic staff members supervise some 130 PhD. students at various stages of development of their PhD. dissertations.