Haris Konstantatos

Currently, PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, Harokopeio University of Athens. Holder of Postgraduate Diploma (MA) in Urban and Regional Planning / National Technical University of Athens, MA in Communication / University of Westminster UK. Graduate of Political Science / Panteio University of Social and Political Studies.

Skills mobilised
Haris Konstantatos main research interests are located in the fields of urban and regional governance and local development in Greece and southern Europe.

Relevant publications
(2007): “Local government in Athens: “Winners” or “losers” in the new urban development processes?”, paper presented at the "Seminars of the Aegean", 28 August - 1 September, Chania Crete (paper co-written with Giorgos Patrikios)
(2005) "Comments on recent research about governance in Greek cities", presentation in the conference "Geographies of Metropolis", 21-23 October, Thessaloniki