Judy Orme

BSc(Hons)Human BiologyUniversity of Surrey; (Industrial Year: Research assistant Medical Research Council Developmental Psychology Unit, London; Postgraduate Diploma in Health Education (with Distinction): University of the West of England; MSc Health Promotion (with Distinction),University of the West of England; Member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching; Member through Distinction of Faculty of Public Health (MFPH)

Skills mobilised
Judy is a Reader in Public Health at University of the West of England in Bristol. Up until recently she has been the Programme Leader for the MSc Public Health and is currently the Director of the Centre for Public Health Research. Judy has co-edited two books: Health Promotion Professional Perspectives (2001) and Public Health for the 21st Century (2003). Her research interests include the multidisciplinarity of public health, primary care and young people and risk taking behaviours. Judy has recently been awarded Membership of the Faculty of Public Health through Distinction for her work in Public Health development.

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