Centre for Public Health Research, University of West England, Bristol, UK

The Centre for Public Health Research, in collaboration with the Cities Research Centre and the Centre for Clinical and Health Services Research, all at the University of the West of England, carries out scientific, policy-strategic and evaluative research for the EU, government and other funders on public health, governance issues and strategies for social inclusion. The Centre for Public Health Research, in collaboration with these other University centres has a long track record of research in the fields of public health, environment and health services and considerable experience in tackling the challenges of evaluating complex Programmes, working at the interface between research, policy and practice and engaging a wide range of different stakeholders. In terms of policy and practice, relevant research focuses on health inequalities, neighbourhood renewal and community engagement, networks and social capital, public health issues, the impact of the environment on health, local government modernisation, health service development and service user involvement, collaboration and partnership and the emergence of new forms of community, city and regional governance.