IFRESI-CNRS, Délégation Nord Pas de Calais Picardie, Lille,

IFRESI-CNRS is a federative institute of research, constituted of different research units. It gathers scientists from various disciplines of social sciences: economics, sociology, history, geography, business, political sciences, law, etc. The main research areas in IFRESI are the transformation of the industrial and economic structure and the dynamics of cities and territories. The benefits from this interdisciplinary coexistence are important, especially in the fields covered by Katarsis. IFRESI has developed European expertise on local development and social inclusion with several reports on European case-studies for the European Commission. The empirical and theoretical research is lead with a willingness to enable a dialog between the different disciplines. Our research has emphasised the importance of institutional, social and non-market dynamics for development, considered as well from the economic point of view as from a more qualitative perspective.