Juan-Luis Klein

Has PhD in Geography (Université Laval, Quebec), MA Géography (Université Laval, Quebec), Egresado Economic History and Economic Geography, UTE Santiago). Faculty Member of the Department of Geography, University of Quebec at Montreal

Skills mobilised
Juan-Luis Klein is a senior researcher at CRISES. He has over 25 years experience in research on regional and local development and has over than 100 publications in this field. His research projects are funded by the SSHRC of Canada and others public and private institutions. His research interests lie in the field of territorial identity and its role in local development and economic conversion. Relevant other activities include: Editor of “Géographie contemporaine” (Presses de l’Université du Québec) and Member of Editorial Boards of several international refereed journals in the field of social and urban planning (Québec, France, Mexico, Chile). Referee for Canada Research Chairs applications and SSHRC of Canada grant applications.

Relevant publications
· Klein, J.-L. and Fontan, J.-M. (2004) (Eds.) Innovation sociale et territoire. Special Issue of Géographie, Économie, Société. (Paris, Lavoisier) 6, 2.
· Fontan, J.-M., Klein, J.-L. and Lévesque, B. (2003) (Eds.) Reconversion économique et développement Territoriale. Québec, Presses de l’Université du Québec.
· Fontan, J.-M., Klein, J.-L and Tremblay, D.-G. (2004) Collective action in local development: the Case of Angus Technopole in Montreal. Canadian Journal of Urban Research (Winnipeg) 13, 2: 317-36.
· Klein, J-L., Fontan, J.-M. and Tremblay, D.-G. (2003) Reconversión y desarrollo a través de la iniciativa local: el caso de Montreal en Quebec. Revista latinoamericana de estudios urbanos y regionales EURE. (Santiago, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) XXIX, 86 : 69-88
· Klein, J.-L., Tremblay, D.-G. and Fontan, J.-M (2003) « Systèmes productifs locaux et réseaux productifs dans la reconversion économique : le cas de Montréal». Géographie, Économie, Société (Paris, Elsevier) 5, 1: 59 – 75