Eduardo Brito Henriques

PhD in Human Geography (University of Lisbon), MA in Human Geography and Regional and Local Planning (University of Lisbon), and BSc in Geography and Regional Planning (New University of Lisbon). Professor at the Faculty of Arts and researcher at the Centre of Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon.

Skills mobilised
Eduardo Brito Henriques as a senior researcher of the CEG-UL will participate in the coordination of the Existential Field on Labour Market, Employment Strategies and Social Economy (WP 1.1). He has over 15 years experience in undertaking research on local development and urban regeneration, social and cultural geography, and cultural economics. He has participated in several research teams funding by the FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation) and some international networks. He is currently a member of the National Programme for the Politics of Territorial Planning Committee and he also makes up part of the study group for the Re-qualification and Revitalisation of Historical Centres, both under the Portuguese Department of Territorial Planning and Urban Development.

Relevant publications
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