Stichting Dr. Hilda Verwey-Jonker Instituut, Utrecht

The Institute carries out scientific, policy-strategic and evaluative research into social issues, areas such as health care, social security, safety, education, housing, youth, welfare work and social and administrative innovations. The institute employs a research approach that preferably uses several methods of data collection and analysis, both quantitative and qualitative. We have built up a considerable amount of expertise in the area of seeking contact with vulnerable groups and in societal dynamics in general. The institute’s research is organised in five programme areas of which three are relevant here. The programme ‘Youth’ revolves around the question what social changes imply for the competencies, skills and social roles of young people themselves. In the program ‘Social security and labour market’ emphasis is given to social participation and preventing the social exclusion of vulnerable groups. The programme ‘Social cohesion’ is concerned with the relations between the personal networks of citizens with the world of government and policy, and with the work of professionals in the social sector. Our international research pays special attention to issues of administrative innovations and good governance, as well as to the combination of education, employment and care.