Marc Pradel Miquel

Degree in sociology fromt the University of Barcelona. PhD sociology student in the University of Barcelona. He has worked in Citizenship and Civil Society Centre (CISC) of the University of Barcelona between 2002 and 2004.

Skills mobilised
As a Phd student, his research focuses on democratic opportunities in the local context, especially opportunities created in the framework of local development. He is also interested in the role of civil society in the fight against social exclusion at local level. His experience in European projects has oriented his research towards a comparative perspective in the European framework. As a CISC member he has been involved in the European project EUROPUB European Public Space Observatory, a project with the aim of creating a monitoring system for European democracy. He has worked also in several projects regarding long therm education of ICT workers for Generalitat de Catalunya. Since 2006 he is participating in the European project ACRE Accommodating Creative Knowledge – Competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions within the Enlarged Union.

Relevant publications

  • García, Marisol; Cardesa, Antonio; Pradel, Marc; (2004): The European Employment Strategy: An example of European Multi-level Governance Working Papers in Contemporary Studies No. 77 Sussex European Institute, Setembre.
  • Garcia, M., Cardesa, A., & Pradel, M. (2006): “La Strategia europea per l’occupaczione: un esempio di governance multinivello” dins Che cosa è pubblico? La Rivista delle politiche sociali Num 2, 2006, Ediesse, Roma
  • Pradel, Marc; Duarte, Marisa; Carbó, Rosa; Herreros, Tomás (2005): La última oleada de movilizaciones 2002-2004 dins Ibarra, P. (ed.): Anuario de movimientos sociales 2004 Fundación Betiko, Bilbao, 2005
  • Pradel Marc, (2007): Europa en la prensa española dins Papers, 85-86 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (forthcoming).