Research Centre on Citizenship and Civil Society, Universitat de Barcelona

CISC is a research unit of excellence of the University of Barcelona dedicated to research and continued training. The Centre combines the resources of three Research Groups at the UB: Sociology of Citizenship and Democracy; Centre for Initiatives in Social Economy and Analysis and Assessment of Public Policy. As a result, CISC is a multidisciplinary group of researchers from different fields of study, and has four major areas of research: (1) Citizenship, Welfare and social inclusion policies; (2) Civil Society and the Regional Policies; (3) Citizenship and Human Capital. Academic staff in CISC has substantial experience in supervising research and training young researchers. The Centre has participated in several comparative European Research Projects in the 4th and 5th Framework Programmes. The overall UB institutions manages about 150 European projects per year, it is one of the leading Spanish Universities training young researchers.