Jørgen Anker

PhD in social sciences from International Development Studies, Roskilde University. MA in Cultural Sociology, University of Copenhagen. Lecturer at Department of Social Sciences, Roskilde University.

Skills mobilised
Jørgen Anker has been focusing on voluntary organisations, volunteering, social movements and social movement theory for many years. Previously he worked at the Danish National Institute of Social Research in the research unit for social policy and marginalised groups. He has carried out a number of evaluations in the field of social policy related to housing policies, efforts in marginalised areas, voluntary work, etc. He has also done research on self organisation and user participation among excluded groups. Currently, he is working on a research project on user organisation among the homeless and drug addicts in Denmark entitled; ‘Are new social welfare movements emerging?’ The research project includes cooperation with NGOs and user organisations of homeless and drug users in Denmark and Europe (eg. SAND, the Danish national organisation of homeless and Brugerforeningen, The Danish Drug Users’ Union). Jørgen Anker has also written on social movements and social change in Chile, and he has studied the emergence of informal survival organisations that appeared in the Chilean shanty towns during the economic crises in the 1980s.

Relevant publications
Anker, J. (2004): “Contesting the Meaning of Active Citizenship: The Dynamics and Strategies of Associations of Unemployed Persons in Denmark”, in, International Journal of Contemporary Sociology. Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 11-39
Anker, J. et al. (2003): Indflyttere i Almene boliger. Økonomiske og sociale forhold. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. 03:23. (‘New occupants in social housing. Economic and social conditions’).
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Anker, J. (2001): De Sociale Puljer – en tværgående analyse af Socialministeriets puljemidler. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. (‘The social funds. An analysis of the social funds of the Ministry of Social Affairs’).
Anker J. (1995): De frivillige sociale organisationer. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. (95:12). (’The voluntary social organisations’).