John Pløger

Dr.Art, Associated Professor

Skills mobilised
John Pløger has made theoretical as well as evaluating studies on planning processes and planning politics both in Norway (Norwegian Institute for Urban & Regional Research) and Denmark (Danish Building Research Institute). He has made comparative studies on urban planning in Oslo and Copenhagen and published texts-books on urban theory and practice (Norwegian).

Relevant publications
Foucault’s Dispositif & the City, Planning Theory No.1 or 2, 2008 (forthcoming).

The dualism of urban politics in Denmark, (co/ John Andersen), European Planning Studies, 2007 (forthcoming)

In Search of Urban Vitalis, Space & Culture, Vol.9, No.4, 2006, 382-399.

Urban Life: Problems and challenges, Planning Practice & Research, Vol.21. No.2, 2006, 201-222.

Strife – urban planning and agonism, Planning Theory Vol 3, No 1, March 2004, 71-92.