The Coordinating Team

The KATARSIS Coordinating team consists of:

Principal Investigator
Prof Frank Moulaert, Email:
Oversees the management and scientific work of the coordination action.

Prof Jean Hillier, Email:
Coordinates with the Lead Partners, and responsible for quality control of the deliverables.

Coordination of gender issues in the network
Prof. Isabel André , Email: (Partner 5, CEG-UL)
Given the importance of gender issues in the research and policy fields covered by the project, looks after gender issues and relations within the network, in collaboration with other team members and Lead Partners.

Management of dissemination activities and user groups liaising –WP8
Prof Serena Vicari, Email: (Partner 2, UNIMIB),
Coordinates dissemination and user group liaison in cooperation with the principal investigator and Lead Partners. These activities include training, mobility, publication, communication and the organization of final conference.