Hendrik Pinxten

PhD in Moral Sciences, University Ghent, (1975), and Special Doctorate, University Ghent (1980). Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies at the University of Ghent. Chair of the Dept. for the Comparative Study of Cultures.

Skills mobilised
Head of two research centres at the University of Ghent, Belgium: Intercultural Education (which has an EU-priority), and the Centre for Intercultural Communication and Interaction. These organise and deliver research on intercultural issues, on the training of school and lay people to cope with conflicts and tensions emanating from the growing diversity of the European population, on racism and on identity dynamics. Research studies have involved the study of refugees in Belgium, trajectory planning for refugees and immigrants, school ethnography, and citizenship and diversity. The urban context of the network society is an important focus in the research platform of the two centres.

Relevant publications
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