János Ladányi

PhD. in sociology from Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Full professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Corvinus University of Budapest.

Skills mobilised
His knowledge and expertise will be helpful in the existential fields on education and health as well as those on bottom-up creativity and social innovation. Recent international academic and research projects include works at Yale and UCLA. His research expertise includes urban sociology and ethnic segregation and works range from social stratification and social policy to comparative urban sociology, housing, poverty and ethnicity, and education. He has worked on the history of Eastern Europe and did innovative research in Romany Studies to integrate Roma issues into social-welfare education programmes with deeper understanding of Roma perceptions, not just those of ethnic ‘Gypsies’ but also those of non-Roma and contemporary societies.

Relevant publications
· Ladányi, J. and Szelenyi, (2004) Patterns of Exclusion, Forthcoming by Stanford University Press in English, by Napvilag, in Hungarian.
· Ladányi, J. and Szelenyi, I. (2002) “The Nature and Social Determinants of Roma Poverty – a Cross-National Comparison” Review of Sociology, No. 2
· Ladányi, J (2001) “The Hungarian Neoliberal State, Ethnic Classification, and the Creation of a Roma Underclass” in R.J. Emigh and I. Szelényi (ed.) Poverty, Ethnicity, and Gender in Eastern Europe During the Market Transition, 67- 82, London: Praeger
· Ladányi, J (2002) “Residential Segregation among Social and Ethnic groups in Budapest during the Post- communist Transition” in P.Marcuse and R. van Kempen (ed), Of State and Cities The Partitioning of Urban Space, pp.170-82, Oxford: Oxford University Press
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· Ladányi, J (1993) “Patterns of residential segregation and the Gipsy minority in Budapest”. International Journal for Urban and Regional Research, 17(1).