Corvinus, Budapest

Budapest Corvinus University, formerly Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration ( was established through integration with the College of Public Administration in 2000 and with three faculties of Szent István University in 2003. Today, the University is an internationally recognized institution both for education and research. Operating with seven faculties the university provides undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and PhD study programmes in the areas of economics, business, public administration, horticultural science, food science, landscape architecture and social sciences. The University is a member of variety of international organisations like CEMS, PIM, IAU, ICA, AFANET, FOODNET and EDAMBA, participates in international exchange programmes like ERASMUS, CEEPUS or DANUBIA. The University also actively takes part in international research and development programmes, like EU Framework Programme 4-5-6 and receives and sends fellows in the framework of the Marie Curie fellowships programme.