Workpackage 8 description


To optimise the dissemination of KATARSIS results and methodology within the wider scientific community and among user groups of community practitioners and policy-makers. Among such results we understand: definition and assessment of good practice regarding socially innovative initiatives to combat social exclusion; sound comparative analysis which is at the same time context-sensitive and conducive to general propositions; comparative assessment of policy experiences.

To promote the application of the methodology, as described in WP5, which covers scientific, pedagogical and organizational dimensions. Results on methodology include: a multi-dimensional scientific framework to analyse the consequences of social exclusion and reactions to it, in particular socially innovative strategies to overcome these consequences.

Description of work

- Involvement of two types of user groups in the CA activities: scientists from the wider research community and practitioners. Their roles are in general linked to particular WP and WS and have been indicated in the workpackage descriptions.

- Coordinate and assess quality of dissemination of specific deliverables. This is the particular role of Milano-Bicocca (P2) in cooperation with the respective LP of each WP. For this task and those following, Milano-Bicocca will mobilize not only KATARSIS partners but also the international networks in the social sciences in which the Department participates, its research and training facilities, in particular the European Ph.D. Programme on Urban and Local European Studies

- Organise and coordinate training fora (WS). These fora will be devoted to the explanation and discussion of scientific methodology and use of information on creative and socially innovative initiatives to combat poverty. The target group of these fora will be the two user groups, the scientists involved in KATARSIS as well as other potential users; the participation of the latter group is not covered by the budget. The website will also be used as an active training instrument.

- Prepare a training calendar by M6. This calendar will include the training for a and the publication of specific deliverables with particular training content.

- Organise Practitioners’ feedback on methodology development, with the purpose of making it accessible to various categories of end users.

- Organization of Final Conference by Partner 2 (Bicocca Milano). A provisional programme is attached.

- Coordination of Website and other Publications.

- Organise mobility of researchers among partner institutions as part of the preparation of key deliverables and as part of the strategy of results dissemination.


D2DISSEM, D3DISSEM, D4DISSEM, D5DISSEM – Report of final conferences refocused for different user groups. The various DiDISSEM will be available for downloading on the website. They will also automatically reach both ‘in KATARSIS’ user groups.


Final Conference