Workpackage 3 description


Coordinate, synthesise and publicize information on the relationships between governance and democracy in areas and communities where socially innovative initiatives against social exclusion have taken. A special focus will be on multi-level governance relationships within socially innovative communities, including research communities specialising in the study of socially creative initiatives to combat social exclusion. These relationships will be informed through various sources: outputs of WP1.5 (Governance and Democracy), information on multi-level governance dynamics in other existential fields (WP1.1 through WP1.4), views and experiences of practice-user groups with respect to governance (public and non-public, communication and decision-making within socially innovative organizations, relations between various governance agents and scales, the role of law-making and public regulation in fostering socially innovative organization building and strategies).

Description of work

The core of activities will as in WP2 rest with the preparation, the organization and follow-up of WS4 on “Governance”. Presenters from WP1.5 will put forward a wide framework to address questions of governance of socially innovative initiatives. Discussants from the practice user groups, also making use of results from WP1 (especially WP1.5), inputs from WP4 (Social Innovation) will check this framework on its ‘employability’. WS 4 will result in a report jointly written by the LP (UB-CISC, Barcelona), project managers selected from the user networks (Mehr Demokratie, Lawaetzstiftung, BOM Antwerp) and authors of D1.5. Results from WP3 will also be used in WP4 (‘Social Innovation’) and in WP5 (‘Methodology Development’).

The integration exercise will be connected to policy debates in Europe and in social science. This will be done by inviting discussants from outside the consortium to WS4.


D3: report on: WS4: Workshop on ‘Governance’

D3DISSEM: results of WP3 for dissemination (publication, user groups, training)

Milestones and expected result

Framework for analysis of relationships between various scales and institutional logics of governance.

Framework for multi-level governance coordination of research on socially creative initiatives to overcome social exclusion.