WP1: Surveying of five existential fields

The workpackage consists of 5 activities (WP1.1 to WP1.5), each providing a State of the Art for a specific ‘existential field’ in which excluded citizens and their collective organizations have suffered severe exclusion consequences, but also launched and established creative, spontaneous and/or institutionalized socially innovative strategies to overcome the conditions and consequences of exclusion. For each of these existential fields, survey papers will be delivered and presented by the Lead-Partner and the Sparring-Partners responsible for covering the literature. In order to meet quality criteria and provide guarantees for comparability among fields as well transferability to the next layer of activities, a shared model of presentation of the survey results will be applied.

Existential field 1: Labour market, employment strategies and social economy (WP1.1)

Existential field 2: Education and training (WP1.2)

Existential field 3: Housing and Neighbourhood (WP1.3)

Existential field 4: Health and Environment (WP1.4)

Existential field 5: Governance and Democracy (WP1.5)

There would be two kinds of deliverables:
- Survey papers for each existential field: D1.1 through D1.5.
- Focussed workshops: WS1 (on WP1.1 through WP1.2) and WS2 (on WP1.3 and WP1.5; with special session on methodological dimensions of research on socially innovative initiatives in conditions of severe exclusion).