Andreas Novy

PhD, Social and Economic sciences, WU-Wien. Associate Professor Universitätsdozent for spatial research and socioeconomic development. Department of City and Regional Studies (SRE), Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

Skills mobilised
Andreas Novy has participated in two consortia for the EU (Urspic, Singocom) since 1997, focusing on multi-scalar governance. At the moment he participates in Demologos. He is well integrated in interdisciplinary social science networks (chairperson of "Mattersburger Kreis für Entwicklungspolitik an den österreichischen Hochschulen" and scientific director of the “Paulo Freire Centre for Transdisciplinary Research and Education". He is familiar with local politics and public administration (Since 1987 member of a district council in Vienna). His personal research focus has been on global and multi-scalar governance, using a comparative approach, resulting in diverse studies, books and projects on Europe and Latin America. Theoretical and practical experiencies with democratic and participatory forms of governance resulted in in depth knowledge about strategies for inclusive socio-political development.

Relevant publications
· Novy, A., Leubolt, B., forthcoming, Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre. The Dialectics of State and Non-State Forms of Social Innovation. Submitted to Urban Studies. (German version as SRE-Discussion Paper 2004/03
· Novy, A., Hammer E., forthcoming, Radical innovation in the era of liberal hegemony - The case of Vienna. Submitted to European Urban and Regional Studies.
· Novy, A., Redak, V., & Becker, A. (2003). Modernizing or Polarizing Vienna?, in F. MOULAERT et al. (ed.), The Globalized City – Economic Restructuring and Social Polarisation in European Cities, London: OUP, 167 - 80
· Novy, A., (2002). Entwicklung gestalten. Gesellschaftsveränderung in der Einen Welt. Geschichte – Entwicklung –Globalisierung (GEG) 5. Frankfurt/Wien: Brandes & Apsel/Südwind (in Spanish: 2003, Otro mundo es posible. San Salvador: CIDEP)
· Novy, A., (2001). Brasilien: Die Unordnung der Peripherie. Von der Sklavenhaltergesellschaft zur Diktatur des Geldes. Edition Weltgeschichte, Wien: Promedia, 2001 (in portuguese: 2002: A Desordem da Periferia – 500 anos de poder e espaço no Brasil, Petropolis: Editora Vozes)
· Novy, A. (2001). Unmasking Globalisation: From Rhetorics to Political Economy – The Case of Brazil, The Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 14, 2, 290-307
· Novy, A; Redak, V., Jäger, J., Hamedinger, A. (2001). The End of Red Vienna. Recent ruptures and continuities in urban governance. European Urban and Regional Studies 8(2), 131-44